Çelikler Metal Trades Industry Co.Ltd was established in 1980 in the first industrial site of İzmir to import-export the copper products.

The company with its continuous and balanced growth; expedited its investments and has been operating respectively in foreign exchange, fuel, collection of all kinds of scrap and waste metals, recycling, construction and automotive sectors.

Çelikler Metal Trades Industry Co.Ltd has played a significant role with its activities and is one of the leading Scrap Metal Collector, Recycler, Processor and Exporter in the sector.

Celikler Metal has established the most modern scrap collecting and recycling Facility in Turkey, in its lodge Aliağa, İzmir with 2000 sqm enclosed and 40.000 sqm open area scrap yards that develop together with 500.00 ton capasity.

It has established an effective and a permanent market place in Turkey and world by both domestic and overseas import and export activities.

Çelikler Metal Trades Industry Co.Ltd aims to be one of the leading companies in Turkey in the scrap industry with its experienced and Professional team with its maximum efficiency and effectiveness principle.